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Welcome to State Government Opportunities!

A Free indexing of each of the US State procurement websites. You may have to registered first before beginning a search, but registration on each US state procurement website is free.

STATEGOVOPPS.COM provides a list of each state procurement website so you can avoid paying another firm for the access which otherwise freely available by state law.

Other resources available to help your Government contracting include:

The FREE GovOpps Desktop application (available on Microsoft Store and and the publication “How to Succeed in Government Contracting” (available on is the perfect pair, like wine & cheese, biscuits & gravy, salt & pepper, etc. The publication gives you many tips, techniques and secrets into the world of government procurement from registering as a vendor to qualifying opportunities and post award. The application provides links to every federal, international, and state procurement site directly and most of the local county municipality procurements, if they have one?

While the GovOpps desktop application offers federal, state, county and international government procurement link index as well as a competitor insight. The three sister websites:, and provide just the federal/international, state and county procurement website index separately on their respectively sister website.